How to Stay at Outdoorsy Bayfield WITHOUT an RV

Outdoorsy Bayfield is more than your typical RV park – we offer a bunch of different options to stay with us and have Southwest Colorado as your home base.

From glamping tents to riverside cabins to RVs delivered and set up for you, here are all the ways to stay with us…

Cabins at Outdoorsy Bayfield

Ready-made rentals

RVing is a blast — but summer can sometimes be so much of a rush that you just want to get to your vacay spot and start relaxing. 

You’re still the outdoorsy type though, so you want something more than a hotel or BNB. Let’s dig in to see the different options for fixed rentals at Outdoorsy Bayfield. 

Stationary RV rentals

This is where RV delivery gets as easy as ordering up a pizza. Outdoorsy Bayfield is owned by one of the largest RV rental marketplaces out there – meaning it’s super easy to RV camp with us even if you don’t have your own rig.

Over 60% of the RV owners on our platform offer delivery. We even have a filter on our site for deliverable RVs

The benefits of having an RV delivered to you are many. First, you’ll save a bundle on insurance because you don’t have to pay for coverage over the road.

Second, it allows you to get all the benefits of camping without the stress and time of driving a big vehicle to your destination. 

And third — your vacation gets started more quickly. Our owners are experienced RVers who can get your camper unhitched and set up in a flash.

That means you can spend your time s’more cooking instead of sewer hose connecting.  

RVs at the mountains

Glamping — Luxury stays in the outdoors

Glamping (a combo term for glamorous camping) is a way to travel that combines home-like amenities with outdoor accommodations like yurts, tiny homes, luxury canvas tents, and more. Check out this guide for a basic overview of glamping.

And here’s an example of the alternative accommodations you’ll find at Outdoorsy Bayfield:

Luxury tents

This ain’t your grandpa’s tent. These things feature plush beds, hotel-quality sheets, private porches, closets, built-in kitchenettes, private bathrooms, and other just-like-home amenities.

But unlike home, this spot features pristine streams rolling outside your front door and the San Juan Mountains as your morning coffee view. 

Luxury tent for rent at Outdoorsy Bayfield

If you’re here, the chances are strong that you crave outdoor connection. But that doesn’t automatically mean you want to drive an RV cross country to find your nature zen. That’s why we have grown up over the years to include stationary summer accommodations that feature all the things and still let you be one with momma nature.